Transportation is vital in helping people avoid homelessness. It is critical to employment, education and keeping service appointments but often proves to be unaffordable to those struggling with poverty. Car insurance, gas, repairs and ridesharing are costly to those not making a livable wage. While public transportation does offer several options, limitations on times and routes restricts clients from getting where they need to go. Our families also often require several stops in different areas as they attempt to make it to childcare centers and their employment in a certain amount of time.

IHNSC recognizes the need for transportation as being a major barrier to independence for clients throughout our continuum of care. One single mother of three children needed to make two different childcare stops before making it to her employment using ridesharing. Another client spent over $2000 in ridesharing over a three month period commuting to and from her full-time employment. As these families worked hard to maintain their employment, there was constant stress, much coordination and expense. Situations like these keep people on the brink of homelessness, as they often find themselves spending large amounts of their income just on trying to get to work.

IHNSC Keeping Clients MovingWhether in our emergency shelter or Phase 2 independent living program, clients need assistance in addressing this issue by setting up timed goals. This may include working on restoring a license, obtaining a learner’s permit or taking the driver’s test. Meanwhile, staff is able to provide transportation to ensure that all necessary appointments are kept. IHNSC currently has two vans that are used for client transportation. Our minivan provides families transportation to medical appointments, social service agencies, community resources and grocery trips. This van benefits all of our programs. Our recently purchased 15-passenger van provides clients daily transportation to and from our host congregations. Furthermore, thanks to our generous volunteer base, IHNSC receives donated cars that are given to clients that have met specific financial goals.

We are also fortunate to have the support of FX Automotive located in Whitehouse. Chris and his team always go above and beyond for our agency in ensuring that our vehicles are safe. Interested in donating to our car fund? Just click on the donate button and make sure to designate your donation to ensure that it will be used to keep our clients moving!