IHNSC Our Program & Volunteer SuccessReflecting on the past year, HOME of Somerset County, Inc. is so thankful to all of our many loyal supporters who recognize the importance of working together on finding a permanent solution to homelessness. We have the ability to help and give hope to homeless families with children because of you.

Homelessness does not have a typical face and the ‘working poor’ is a growing reality across the nation. Physical and mental health needs go unmet for families sleeping ‘couch to couch’ and in their cars. Food security doesn’t exist and working parents who do not make a livable wage, struggle with providing basic needs. IHNSC is dedicated to bring awareness and resources to these families by providing a well-rounded continuum of care that supports relapse prevention.

With 90% of our families maintaining independence over the past five years after transitioning from our emergency shelter, IHNSC continues to be a driving force in the fight against homelessness.

With much gratitude,
Alyssa Martini
Executive Director