Sunrise HouseIn a true act of community caring, Pastor Jon Coords and the dedicated members of the Liquid Church in Somerville took Sunrise House under their wings, completing major renovations inside and outside. Over 200 Liquid Church volunteers provided time, money and resources over a two-day period, rejuvenating the Sunrise House mission. From beautiful landscaping to painting the rooms and refurnishing the entire house, Liquid Church has provided a true quality living environment for the residents of Sunrise House.

With a recently formed Sunrise House Mission Committee headed by North Branch Reformed Church and our new “Learn How to Be a Good Tenant” program, clients continue to be inspired in pursuing their goals and are well equipped to meet the challenges. They are employment- and education-driven, working hard toward self-sufficiency.

Created in 2003, Sunrise House has provided transitional housing for eligible clients who move from our emergency shelter. Sunrise House serves as a stepping-stone for families who need continued guidance while addressing the lack of affordable housing in Somerset County.